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Author: Nick Dakin
Publisher: Firefly Books Ltd (2003)
Format: Hardcover, 23x30 cm.
Pages: 400

I would highly recommend this to anyone considering setting up a saltwater aquarium. The book first talks about saltwater aquariums, and some of the pros and cons. It then talks about the different pieces of equipment that will be needed. It also shows how to set up your aquarium. The book also contains a section on different diseases, breeding, and rearing fry. It talks about the different families of fish, but it doesn't go into depth of different species. There is also a section on what to avoid, marine inverts, and the coldwater aquarium. Out of all my marine books, this one was the biggest help to me. Although it is a bit more expensive than others, the price is definitely worth it.

Contributed by Kagoma Johnson

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