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Author: Neville Carrington
Publisher: Tetra Press
Format: Hardcover, 12x22 cm.
Pages: (?)

As a novice I found this a fairly good beginners book. Talks about water quality/chemistry and what changes it, the nitrogen cycle, food and feeding, etc. Also has quite a good fish disease/symptoms section at the back with descriptions and photos of fish diseases, the cause of these diseases and the cure of the disease. I'd recommend this book to all those new to the hobby.

Contributed by Ian Morrison

I have rented this at my local library and I don't know why, but for some reason I can't help but keep renewing it so much that I get late fees. It really does have good information and has very easy to interpret charts of tank capacities to fish stocking advice. There are numerous interesting pictures which have detailed descriptions helping the reader to understand. I find it is very easy to finish, because it is not too lengthy contentwise. The main goal from what I have read is to highlight the main aspects of the healthy aquarium, and what the book gives you is all the necessary things to do in order to have a healthy tank. I recommend it highly to beginners.

Contributed by Julian Riano

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