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Dr. Axelrod's Mini-Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes

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Author: Herbert R. Axelrod, Warren E. Burgess, Cliff W. Emmens
Publisher: TFH Publications (1996)
Format: Hardcover, 15x23 cm.
Pages: 992

Axelrod's Mini-Atlas and Baensch's Aquarium Atlas Vol. 1 are the two most popular and widely sold aquarium books available. Every serious aquarist, beginner or advanced, should have at least one of them. Axelrod's Mini-Atlas has more species and more photos, but only very concise info on each fish. The first 672 pages are an excellent identification source containing more than 1800 excellent photos of fish (~3 per page), each followed by brief care info represented by small symbols. After that comes a 300 page section with all the basic info you need to setup and maintain a freshwater tank...and all this for a very affordable price! Dr. Axelrod is probably the most emminent authority in the fishkeeping hobby.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

My second-hand copy of the Mini-Atlas just arrived in the mail I ever glad I bought it! More of an 'identification at a glance' guide than an actual encyclopedia, this should be the book you take with you to peruse the LFS, even if it's just for fun :)

Where there aren't pictures, there are plenty of words that most people will either skim over or completely ignore in favour of the fish photos: an introduction, a section on photographing fish, a maintenance section, another on plants, another on diseases...I highly recommend this book, more so than any in my meagre collection as of yet.

Contributed by Caiti M

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