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Dr. Axelrod's Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes

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Author: Herbert R. Axelrod, Warren E. Burgess
Publisher: TFH Publications (1997)
Format: Hardcover, 23x34 cm.
Pages: 1168

It doesn't get better than this in a single book. If a fish has ever been in an aquarium, then it's also listed in this book. An astonishing collection of over 7800 full color photos of freshwater species, plus all the important info you need to know about them, is what makes this book the top choice in our hobby. I can't imagine a serious freshwater Fish Shop whose owner doesn't have a copy of this book at hand.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

This is hands down the BEST book for any serious aquarist. In seconds, you can look up a potential buy for your aquarium and know if the fish is compatable with your current tankmates, etc. This book also has a good section on food, plants, setup and supplies for the aquarium and just plain old everything you need!

Contributed by Adam Price

This is a great book for identifying fish. I noticed that some of the temperament descriptions on the fish are wrong, but for the most part it is correct. I would cross check temperament descriptions if you want to be safe.

Contributed by Jenny Szilagyi

Some of my earliest aquarium memories involve spending hours upon hours pouring over each page of my dad's copy of Dr. Axelrod's Atlas. I think I wore the poor book out. It's full of excellent pictures...and equally excellent descriptions. If you're looking for information of any fish, your best bet is to check this book. Not only is the information comprehensive, but the author is one the most highly respected authorities when it comes to aquarium fish.

Contributed by CJ Anderson

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