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Author: Takashi Amano
Publisher: TFH Publications (1997).
Format: Hardcover, 28x29 cm.
Pages: 180

The second book of the series maintains the same incredible photographic quality of the first, and improves on the organization and information. It presents whole new small to medium tanks (from only 1 liter up to 150 liters). The thorough setup data presented with each tank are almost the same as in book one: tank dimensions, water content, lighting, filtering, substrate, CO2 supply, fertilization, water change, and the levels of temperature, pH, GH, KH...but the scientific names of the fish and plants are now included (yay!), improving the collection's usefulness as reference books. It is truly amazing how Amano can make such delicate and beautiful setups in even the smallest tanks.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

This is the second book that I bought and I think it is great. I am going to do my tank similar to one of its pictures and I hope I have good success.

Contributed by D. Anthony

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