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Nature Aquarium World, Book 1

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Author: Takashi Amano
Publisher: TFH Publications (1994).
Format: Hardcover, 24x32 cm.
Pages: 190

This is the first of a unique and wonderful trilogy showing Takashi Amano's fantastic creations. His aquariums are underwater representations of how he sees given niches of the natural world. These books are to be viewed as visual poetry, useful primarily for appreciation and inspiration. They are not meant to be used as references and sources of information for the aquarist, especially for the beginner. You should already have a notion of fishkeeping and plant basics to make the most out of these books. This first volume contains photos of dozens of tanks ranging from very small to very large, and for each tank there is a listing of data which characterizes it: tank dimensions, water content, lighting, filtering, substrate, CO2 supply, fertilization, water change, and the levels of temperature, pH, GH, KH, Nitrite, Nitrate, CO2 and O2. In this book there is hardly any info on the fish and plants portayed in each tank, but if you have some experience and are looking for ideas to aquascape your existing or next setup, this book's for you!

Contributed by Marcos Avila

I have recently bought this book and I like it a lot. It gives me ideas of how a nature aquarium should look like. I really like the pictures.

Contributed by a visitor

This book is great. It has lots of info on his planted set ups. The book also contains lots of pictures and how set up some of Amano's greatest works. A must have!

Contributed by Eric

This book takes planted aquariums to a whole new level. It will truly make you fall in love with a natural aquascape and help you understand what Takashi Amano is trying to accomplish in his design.

Contributed by Santiago

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