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Publisher: Fancy Publications, Inc.
Editor: Russ Case
Format: Glossy, 20x28 cm.
Issue Size: ~100 pages

At only $1 dollar per issue, it's very difficult to come up with a reason NOT to subscribe to this magazine! That was my reasoning when I originally subscribed, since I had never seen an issue up close, and to be honest I was expecting a low-quality, black-and-white, amateuresque type publication inside the cover. This low expectation was good thing actually, since when I received the first issue I was very pleasantly surprised! The paper quality and color photos are very good, the articles are interesting, and lots of "big names" in the hobby such as Paul Loiselle and Charles Delbeek publish here regularly. In summary, whether you're just starting or already have a lot of experience, this magazine will definitely give you some enjoyable and useful reads, and for an incredibly low price!

Contributed by Marcos Avila

This magazine is for hobbyists who want good information on a broad range of topics. The information isn't particularly deep, or technical, and the more seasoned hobbyist may feel it is a magazine for beginners. There are departments for pondkeeping, tropical fishkeeping, goldfish care, and departments for planted tanks. Lately, however, it seems as if the magazine is becoming more devoted to the marine hobby. I've heard from a few people who no longer enjoy the magazine for that reason. Overall, though, the magazine is worthwhile, and very helpful, especially for the new fishkeeper, but more experienced hobbyists will find the articles helpful and informative as well.

Contributed by Shawna

I subscribed to this recently, as it was one of the cheaper fishkeeping magazines available (sort of) here in Ireland. I certainly am glad I did so! The articles aren't hugely in-depth, but I prefer this; it allows the reader to learn the basics of a subject in few pages, allowing for more articles of the same nature. For its price, the magazine itself is wonderfully built -- the full-colour photos and semi-gloss paper are very nice indeed. Its low price means even a year-long sub would be a great gift for any fishkeeper. I'd recommend this magazine without hesitation to anyone interested in fishkeeping.

Contributed by Caitlin

I have read a few issues of this magazine, and I haven't learned too much. I think this is a good magazine for beginners, but isn't very good for an advanced hobbyist.

Contributed by Andrew

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