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Book Description
In light of the recent popularity of such movies as Finding Nemo and Shark Tale, and aquariums as elements of interior decor, home aquariums have become all the rage. Since there are so many ways you can design an aquarium today, a little guidance is definitely needed. The Inspired Aquarium is a key tool to use while searching for ideas to help inspire your own home-aquarium design. This complete handbook acts as both an inspirational and factual guide. It shows you the most compatible choices in aquatic creatures, plants, lighting, and more for your chosen setup.

Editorial Review

The Inspired Aquarium is a beautiful book. It's not a beginner's book in any way, although it does cover things like cycling and has decent species compatiblity information. It's also not a book for someone with a limited budget. The authors run an aquarium maintenance company, and it shows in how often they refer to having professionals take care of things like cleaning and water changes. However, if you've got cash to blow, this is a fantastic book for examples of how to situate a beautiful large aquarium in your home. It gives examples of free standing aquariums and built-ins, with references of how to plumb, light them and other equipment concerns. It covers marine, freshwater and planted tanks. Frankly, it's my guidebook for when I win the lotto.

Contributed by S. Vincent

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