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Book Description
This lavishly photo-filled volume demonstrates that having an aquarium to be proud of means much more than keeping fish in a glass tank. The aquarium enthusiast who takes his hobby seriously reproduces a part of the aquatic natural environment in miniature inside his home. Author Peter Hiscock offers practical instructions on setting up a freshwater tropical aquarium. He describes substrate, aquarium plants, and appropriate combinations of fish. Much of this book focuses on fish and plant life in nature, and then offers details on replicating natural settings in the aquarium. Both plants and fish varieties are shown in vivid color photos and described in detail. More than 450 color photos and illustrations.

Editorial Review

This book is fantastic for the beginner or for someone who is looking for information on biotopes. The explanations are decent and the labeled pictures of each biotope help a lot in forming a base idea for your aquarium. Where I bought it, it was not too expensive and I have enjoyed the read. It has quite a few good examples.

Contributed by Gary Heystek

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