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Aqualog Special: Shrimps, Crayfishes, and Crabs
in the Freshwater Aquarium

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Book Description
Crustaceans continue to enjoy increasing popularity amongst aquarists. Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 1998, the number of species regularly available in the pet trade has almost doubled. Spurred on by the interest amongst hobbyists, the trade has endeavored to import more and more new species, and a new "miniatur sensation" arrives almost every month. Thanks to the generous assistance of various scientists and enthusiastic hobbyists, it has been possible to identify many species, which could be given only a provisional name for reference purposes in the first edition. New knowledge on maintenance, and above all on breeding these interesting and attractive aquarium dwellers, has been compiled and included.

This guide is thus an indispensable reference work for anyone with an interest in the colorful world of shrimps, crayfishes, and crabs suitable for the freshwater aquarium or aqua-terrarium. This new edition has been expanded to contain 16 additional pages (therefore no poster included like in the first edition); it is in color throughout, and depicts all the species mentioned with superlative photos. The quality of the color photos is stunning!

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