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Aqualog Special: Freshwater Stingrays from South America

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Book Description
In the rivers and lakes of tropical South America lives a group of fishes that are more often associated with the sea - stingrays. Although in their natural habitat they are feared much more than the piranhas, on account of their dangerous poisonous spines, all over the world increasing numbers of enthusiastic aquarists are succumbing to the fascination of these unique creatures.

Dr Richard Ross, a scientist at the Santa Barbara Zoo in America, has for a long time been keeping these fishes in the display aquaria at the zoo, and here publishes the vast store of knowledge derived from this experience. The requirements of these rays, as regards successful maintenance and breeding, are revealed in detail for the first time in the literature. The reader will learn all about the requisite tank size, how to set up an aquarium for rays, the correct water parameters, and breeding. The successful diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect rays is also covered in detail. In addition the different species groups and their pecularities are discussed.

The extremely detailed text is illustrated with more than 80 unique photos, making this an indispensable book for anyone who wishes to know more about these interesting creatures or who is keeping - or planning to keep - stingrays in an aquarium.

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