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Rainbow fish and all other atheriniform fish: The rainbow fish (Melanotaniidae) and blue-eyes (Pseudomugilidae) from Australia and New Guinea surely are the most well known representatives of the Atheriniformes among aquarists. Additionally, sometimes representatives of the Madagassian rainbow fish, Bedotiidae, as well as some hardyheads, Craterocephalus, an atherinid genus from Australia and New Guinea, are kept in aquaria. At present, there are 71 species of rainbow fish, but as a result of their great genetic plasticity they have produced a large number of color varieties. These are featured in this book more completely than ever before and, additionally, with correct locality data. The same data is presented for blue-eyes also. Besides this, there are a large number of atheriniform fish, which are nearly unknown by the aquarists. This handbook should help the aquarist, professional dealer and ichthyologists. Well-known photographers reviewed 313 species with almost 700 excellent color photos. The following families and nearly all of the species have been included:

-Bedotiidae, Madagassian rainbow fish;
-Melanotaeniidae, rainbow fish;
-Phallostethidae, priapum fish;
-Pseudomugilidae, blue-eyes;
-Telmatherinidae, Celebes rainbow fish.

In the other families the more well known species have also been included, such as those in the genus Craterocephalus. With the help of the color photos it is possible to determine many of the species available today not only in regard to their species identification but also the correct locations where they may be found. A complete list of the families with a short description as well as a complete list of species is included. This book is an indispensable help for everybody interested in atheriniform fishes, whether you are an aquarist, dealer, or ichthyologist.

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