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All known plated catfish are presented on 144 pages with 650 brilliant color photographs and short introductory text. Besides the genera Aspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras, Callichthys Dianema, Hoplosternum, we show all variants, mutants, hybrids, breeding forms and undescribed forms ("C-numbers"). All AQUALOG -reference books introduce each fish (incl. breeding forms etc.)with at least one color photo and a short description. The ingenious code number system labels every known or newly discovered fish with an individual code number. This number re mains, despite any scientific renaming. Moreover, it enables you to communicate internationally about any fish without the danger of confusion regarding local names! Your AQUALOG -reference book always stays up-to-date! All newly discovered or bred species are regularly published as supplements or so-called "stickups" in our AQUALOGnews. These stickers can be attached to the empty pages at the end of your book. If you want more information about these interesting fishes, you'll find it in our AQUALOG -Special "Fishes of the Year - The Highlights"!

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