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Ich present in 150 gallon freshwater established tank
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PostPosted: 2014.10.16(Thu)20:09    Post subject: Ich present in 150 gallon freshwater established tank Reply with quote

I have a 150 gallon aquarium that has been set up for over 8 years. About 3 years ago... I had two extrememly large plecos that basically destroyed the tank and I could not re-home them. They constantly uprooted my plants and clogged the filters daily. They also scared my bala until he hit his head on the glass top and died. I ended up losing my Angels, gouramis and bala shark. After they passed... I had a ralphael catfish, yoyo loach, pictus and two cories that survived. They are now 8 years old... or there about. Over the past month I have been adding new fish to the tank. I now have 6 juvenile angels, two dwarf gouramis, some red skirt tetras, some long-finned danios, 5 neons, 5 fancy guppies. All were doing well until I brought home 2 blue gouramis. The blue gouramis died within 36 hours. Now I have noticed white spots on my tetras and possibly 2 of the angels. What is my safest way to treat the ich. My yoyo is acting weird and scratching on the decorations... I don't want to use meds because I try to keep as natural as possible. I am on well water that has a very low pH, so for years I have used seashells to raise it. It always stays at about 7.6. Out of the tap it is closer to 5. something. I have no ammonia and little nitrites and nitrates. I ordered new test kits that haven't come in yet, so today I added PRIME to the tank. In my opinion I over filter the tank. I have 2 HOB Aquaclear filters and a API Filstar XL. I also have a bubble wand on the back wall that the cories and ralphael love. What do you suggest to eradicate the ich? Will raising the tank temp to 86 degrees be enough? It is at 78 degrees now... How fast to raise temps and how much water would you change out. I usually only remove about 25 gallons because I don't want to shift the pH too drastically. again... out of the tap it is in the 5 range. Thank you for any advice you can give me.
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