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Fake plants for a new tank!
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Aqua Barker

Joined: 21 May 2012

PostPosted: 2012.07.28(Sat)15:52    Post subject: Fake plants for a new tank! Reply with quote

I have already been speaking in the other sections with some experts on what to do with my tank with the things such as water changes, amonia levels, ETC.

My next question is regarding fake plants, Which plants do you think look good? I know decoration is all about preference but right now my tank feels kinda bleh..... to me in terms of decoration. I have a nice large half of a sunken schooner in the tank (birthday gift because I thought it was so cool) but I want the rest of the tank to be natural looking if I can. I have found a couple of fake plant sets from Petsmart that I would like to get that look kinda nice. So far the only shelter in my tank is the pirate ship with a hole through one side and out the other. (its actually quite large inside).

The tank is a 20 gallon regular. Dark red gravel and some life plants as follows.

2 Amazon Swords

4 Water Wisteria (3 of them still growing and one that has grown to be about 7 inches tall)

And a simple fake plant (I got no idea what kind of plant it looks like) that is about 7 inches tall.

So I need more hiding places for some Black Neon Tetras I would like and a few other fish. I assume I will need another cavern or a cave of some sort?

Thanks for all the help you guys! You are all very helpful on here and have helped out the new guy WELL beyond what any fish store has offered me!
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Joined: 02 Aug 2005
Location: New Hampshire

PostPosted: 2012.09.19(Wed)13:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

As you stated aquascaping is pretty personal and is totally up to the individual - that said, if you can post a pic of the tank it'll be easier for people to make suggestions! Other than that all I can tell ya is play with various arrangements until you find something you like.
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