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Little advice on Ferts, etc
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PostPosted: 2012.05.21(Mon)7:26    Post subject: Little advice on Ferts, etc Reply with quote

Greeting, I am new to this board and to the hobby. As the typical newbee I put fish in too soon, fed too much (delt with NH3 as a result) and have now decided after getting all myfish stock in to try adding live plants....

Issue is, had some difficulty planting the Cabomba and Ludwigia as they are are stems not rooted when purchased (question do they root??).... the guy at our store told me to wrap the lead bands on the ends of the stems but also said there was no need to remove them... comments...

But here is the real concern I am having... I am not using C02 but a product called Excel (again advise from my supplier), then I read a artical small dosages of KNO3 (bannded in Canada, so I suppose I have to me some American named Joe under the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor and start the conversation with, KH2PO4, a product called Flourish ( I am using the tabs)...

I am just wondering if this is just overkill as I have a rich substrate, well balanced Aiation, lights are T-5, 6000K 24 watt Aquaflora and Miday.

Plant Stock: Cabomba, Ludwigia, Dwarf Grass, Brazilian Sword *some black tinging in the leaves, Java Fern, Moss ball and Horn Wart.

Currently Dosing Excel: 3.4 Mil in 136 L tank, 6- Flourish Tabs.

I would post a photo of the black on th eplant but I have no idea how to use the Img button..... all I get is this

[img]http://image_url[/img] (alt+p) which means nothing to me.....

what ever happened to "Browse" select your photo click "Upload photo"?????
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