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What's happening with my cory?
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Joined: 27 Apr 2010

PostPosted: 2012.05.17(Thu)2:44    Post subject: What's happening with my cory? Reply with quote

One of my 3 peppered corys got a problem. Let me use point form. And it still seems overwhelmingly long. Shocked

1. There is a hole/lesion (~1mm) on her left "clavicle" that has been persisting for months.
2. She showed no interest when the other corys were spawning a few months ago. She turned away when the male tried to impress her.
3. She has been surfacing to breathe more often for the past 2 weeks or so.
4. Her left pectoral fin is damaged and doesn't seem to grow back for 1 week. I don't know whether it was caused by a disease or aggression from breeding angels. I saw my male angel attack this cory, but I am not sure did that result in a broken fin.
5. There is a brown red spot (~3mm) on her belly near the damaged fin which I noticed just yesterday.

Things happened in that order.

The fish has a normal appetite and can swim normally. The only behavioral anomaly is she surfaces to breathe more frequently. The barbels are present but seem to be a bit shorter. I don't know whether it's inborn or caused by damage.

The fish keeps moving and my camera is not that good, so I've used a pic from wikipedia to illustrate the symptoms:

As for water parameter:
- The tank is 30 litres and I admit it is overstocked (corys 1M2F; angels 1M1F; guppies 2M5F; bentosi tetras x3). The corys are the toughest fish I've ever had. I try to make up for the little room by making good use of plants, filter and water changes.
- The tank has been set up for 2 years following a catastrophe. The cory concerned survived that event and displayed none of the mentioned symptoms back then.
- I change 30% water every week.
- I don't have a nitrate test kit.
- pH = 7 and constant.
- Temp: 26-28C in summer, for winter used thermostat set at 25C.
- Filter comes with the tank (across the top) and I put sponge pads and bio-rings in it. The sponge pads are mildly washed every 2-3 weeks and changed every 2-3 months. The bio-rings are not bothered.
- There is a 1-foot wide Echinorus uruguayensis, about 10 corkscrew vals, and some Anacharis/Elodea. All plants are growing well.
- Other fish show no sickness at all.

I have tried to search, but it doesn't seem like fish TB or septicaemia. I've tried my best to provide as much detail as possible. All comments are welcome. Thanks.
Diamond Hill, Hong Kong
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Joined: 18 Apr 2007

PostPosted: 2012.05.17(Thu)4:37    Post subject: Reply with quote

Damage & bruising and not healing due to poor water conditions.

You have enough fish for a 150 litre tank so should be changing the amount of water that you would for a tank that size - 50 litres per week - or sort out your stocking.
I vote for sorting out the stocking as you can't keep those fish well in a tiny tank.
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