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Denison Barb Question
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New Members

Joined: 09 May 2012
Location: Cambridge, Ontario

PostPosted: 2012.05.09(Wed)20:31    Post subject: Denison Barb Question Reply with quote

Hi all...

I am new to this site and have a question regarding a behaviour of my 2 Denison Barbs....

After having them for 2 months one has taken over the tank and seems to push the other into a corner. This Barb now hovers in the corner not coming out often other than to feed. When he does come out the other will chase him relentlessly... I have looked up these Barbs and have not read anything about them being territorial.... If anyone has any thoughts... would appreciate...

To give some info here is my tank set up...

36 Gal (132 L) Corner Bow Front


7 Danios
2 Odessa Barbs
2 Honey Dwarf Gouramis
1 Powder Blue Gouramis
1 Cherry Long Fin Barb
1 Red Tail Shark
1 Beta
1 White Molly
1 Lepord Cory Cat
1 Bristle Nose Pleco

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Joined: 27 Feb 2004
Location: London, England

PostPosted: 2012.05.12(Sat)14:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

I successfully keep Puntius denisonii (Denison's barb/Red line torpedo barb/Roseline shark/Bleeding eye barbs) with four currently in a 480 litre planted aquarium.

This beautiful species shoal during their juvenile years and I have found they do best in groups of at least four (and ideally six). In the wild they become increasingly territorial as they mature but I have not had specific difficulties with this myself.

I have also kept Epalzeorhynchos bicolour (Red Tailed Black Sharks/RTBS) but never with Puntius denisonii. RTBS are notoriously territorial towards other species of a similar colour and shape and therein may be part of the issue. RTBS also require a large tank; 200 litres considered a minimum standard.

You also appear to have quite a high stocking level for a 132 litre aquarium and you don
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New Members

Joined: 09 May 2012
Location: Cambridge, Ontario

PostPosted: 2012.05.12(Sat)15:42    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for getting back.... to date we have not had any issues with the RTBS getting involed with the Denison.... to answer your question about when they were intorduced... we added them approx 2 weeks after tanks initial cycle.... they were fine for the last 6 weeks..... We did have an NH3 and ICH issue however did clear everything up.... to all accounts I am tending to agree that there is a bit overstock.... I am thinking I may return the Molly and the 2 Denisons.... the wife is not going to like that part....
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