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Fry Question
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Joined: 19 Feb 2012
Location: N. Ireland

PostPosted: 2012.03.30(Fri)15:59    Post subject: Fry Question Reply with quote

(Background rambling)

I have 2 guppies (m) and 4 mollies (f) and about a month ago I found some fry, eventually I found one living in the filter and I rescued it and ended up getting a breeding box for it, I think it may be a guppy fry [at this point you might be thinking this guy needs learn about the birds and the bees but bare with me] . Anyway thats all fine and well and I called him nemo, I was going to wait till he/she is a bit bigger so I can let him out in the tank.
Tonight I spied another fry swimming outside the tank and immediately nemo got out but it was another fry, looking like a molly fry as it was slightly bigger and dark black and comparing them to google images. 3 more then popped up so I got them all into the breeding box.

I'm now getting really concerned about overstocking but I don't want to just let the fish get eaten cause I think its a bit cruel =/

Anyway to the main question:
I bought another (60L) fish tank for my aunt and I'm planning on doing it all up for her as a birthday surprise, would it be possible/advisable/recommended if I got that tank up and running and put the fry in there (save on pet shop bills?). Baring in mind I'm setting up a new aquarium;

> how long would I wait until I put the fry in, (same as full sized fish?)
> would putting in old water from my current aquarium speed the process up?
> Is there anything you could recommend covering the filter input with to help stop the fry getting sucked into it? (I was thinking about a net or something)
> Overall what would be better, keeping them in the breeding box in my own tank or setting them up in the new one?

Thanks! [/b]
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Joined: 18 Apr 2007

PostPosted: 2012.03.30(Fri)16:19    Post subject: Reply with quote

Set up the new tank using dechlorinator. Put some of the used filter media (sponge or whatever) from your tank in the new tank's filter. Put the molly fry in new tank.
Don't add any more fish until the fry are as big in body as your male guppies (a couple of months).

BTW the fry are all mollies -male guppies don't drop fry & mollie females can have several batches of fry from one exposure to a mle.
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