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South American Blackwater Biotope
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PostPosted: 2012.03.15(Thu)0:09    Post subject: South American Blackwater Biotope Reply with quote

Hi all,
'This is one of the many tanks I have. Its still Work in Progress:
Dimensions: 72 (L) X 21(D) X 18 (H)
Water: 80% RO rest Tap
How to keep it 'black' and soft: Mostly Almond leaves, but initially have put some commercially available BW extract.
Substrate: Ada Nile sand
Background: Tree trunk, roots and Rocscape customized and made with Resin
Hardscape: Plenty of Driftwoods
Filtration: 2217 Eheim and 2203 Eheim (might remove the 2203 later)
Filtration media: Apart from sponzes, ADA Bio Rio and SERA Peat
Light: 3 X10 watts LED
Flora: Amazon Frog bit
Fauna (to add some more): Currently experimenting with Water Hyacinth (local nursery), few Echinodorius. Will add Amazon sword plants.
Intended Fauna: Cories (around 20), Peruvian Scalares (12) will get them next week, Apistogramma Vijieta (6). Currently contemplating Apistogramma Agassizi (Super Red), have two (both males) will add a few more.
Other observations: The tank is cycled with water from my existing tank, 2203 filter that was in my existing tank. Cycling for over 3 weeks now.
Parameters: pH 6.4.

Tank pic (pictures of inhabitants will follow)

Live with nature, naturally
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