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little white dots all over
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Joined: 20 Jan 2012

PostPosted: 2012.01.20(Fri)21:37    Post subject: little white dots all over Reply with quote

What is happening with my aquarium!?!?

I have 6 clown loaches in my 10gallon starter tank from walmart. I see little white dots all over, are they chicken pox?

I also have some weird looking black stuff on my flower pots.. Can I bleach it and put it back in?

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Joined: 16 Jan 2006
Location: Colorado

PostPosted: 2012.01.21(Sat)19:09    Post subject: Reply with quote

It sounds like they have Ick. Honestly, I've never had it in my tanks and would have to research, again, how to get rid of it. I know you need to raise the temps on the tank ... you can google Ick and I'm sure that some more experienced people will chime in here soon to help.

I do want to say that clown loaches shouldn't be kept in a tank less than 125 glns. and many people think it should be even larger than that. I wouldn't put six in anything smaller than a 200 gln. myself.

The reason they have Ick is that they are stressed in far to small of a space. Unfortunately, box stores are not the place to get fish from. It is rare to find an employee who actually knows anything true about fish keeping. You need to rehome the clown loaches as quickly as possible or set up a very large tank, cycle it and move them to it.

Also, unfortunately, since you have sick fish you can't rehome them until they are healthy.

As to the black stuff on the pots... its algae and very normal. Do NOT use bleach to clean them... bleach can kill your fish even if you think you got it all washed off. It's not worth the risk.

Go to the "Articles" section on the left of the page and read about the different kinds of algae so you know what to do.

Did you cycle the tank before adding the fish?
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