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Gold Nugget Pleco - Feeding/care questions
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Joined: 25 Aug 2011
Location: CT, USA

PostPosted: 2011.12.15(Thu)13:11    Post subject: Gold Nugget Pleco - Feeding/care questions Reply with quote

Hi, all...

I just got a beautiful gold nugget pleco last weekend. He replaced a smaller one I had lost during the recent storm/power outage (luckily one of the only fish I lost). The new specimen is large enough (probably 4-5")that I have put him into a tank with my medium Oscar, and four silver dollars of varying sizes. The Oscar examined the pleco (dangerously) close when I first introduced him to the tank but no aggression; the Oscar has since lost interest.

Tank is 90 gal. running with two Eheim cannisters so plenty of filtration. Temp 79-80 F, well-cycled tank. I know the gold nuggets need optimal water quality. There are two pieces of medium to large driftwood; the pleco has taken refuge under one cave-like piece and really only ventures out at night time. Tank is also moderately to heavily planted with wisteria, amazon sword, java fern, etc. I'm using a T5 light with all live plants.

I have been tossing in some Hikari ALgae wafers just before the lights go out. The silver dollars do eat these as well but not entirely so the pleco should have some. I also have been providing a few sinking carnivore pellets as well. From what I have been reading, a lot of people also feed vegetables...I have not tried this but wondered:

A) Should I be actually witnessing this fish eat? (I assume he is). I had observed the last one I stuck primarily eating to driftwood, hiding, and pooing; I never saw it eat anything I threw in.
B) Are vegetables necessary (or eaten) given the abundance of plants in the tank? I have tried feeding vegetables like peas to my Oscar and Silver Dollars after reading online but they won't try them.
C) Has anyone had a gold nugget live successfully for a long period of time? Observations?

Thanks...I look forward to anyone's thoughts on this amazing fish.
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Joined: 18 Dec 2005
Location: Eugene, OR

PostPosted: 2012.02.29(Wed)2:33    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wouldn't be too concerned with watching your pleco eat. As long as you keep up the quality control and keep feeding the algae wafers it sounds like you have a great setup.

Besides on very rare occasions, I never seem to catch my Candy Stripe pleco eating anything. Just gnawing on driftwood. I feed the algae wafers as well. Also, I've heard zucchini and lettuce are good choices if you're looking to feed vegetables.
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