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Sup fishfreaks ;-)
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Joined: 07 Sep 2011
Location: QLD, Australia

PostPosted: 2011.09.07(Wed)22:58    Post subject: Sup fishfreaks ;-) Reply with quote

Representing QLD Australia =D

I'm fresh to the fish side of town, but for the 3 weeks I've been tending to the little fellas, I've become attached,

I can't wait to see them each morning and night, I take much pride and responsibility in keeping them healthy and the tank clean, feeding them right and having the best natural like environment I can create,

I just love reading and reading about every topic I can find, and looking at all the different fish, and learning about them, but since a young one I've been obsessed with freshwater tropical fish, which is great because compared to marine its a breeze to maintain all the bits and pieces,

Currently I have a very small tank as I am in a small apartment, 20L to be exact, I'm looking for 50L tho. in that tank I have a few plants a small piece of driftwood, pool filter sand base, with a few corydora's, all different species, and 1 Bristle nose catfish, at about 5cm.

I've have already lost one Fish, =( due to swim bladder issues, a Betta splendens, he wasnt eating the food, no matter what I gave him, and I tried and tried but in the end I couldnt help. =( very sad moment.

So here I am, can't wait to Socialize and read the discussions,

great to be apart of the aquahobby community,

Cheers =)
Cory lover
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Joined: 16 Jan 2006
Location: Colorado

PostPosted: 2011.09.11(Sun)17:41    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome from the USA!
135 gln. freshwater tank
29 gln. freshwater tank
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