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Changing lighting - From PC to ?
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Joined: 22 Feb 2005
Location: Michigan

PostPosted: 2011.06.28(Tue)9:45    Post subject: Changing lighting - From PC to ? Reply with quote

After 6 years in this hobby, I'm looking at lighting again. I am trying to find the least expensive but good lighting for my 55 gallon. My current lighting is the older Coralife PC 260W fixture. The legs are broken, and I can't get replacements. The lunars don't work, and now the daylights won't light. I'm thinking maybe the ballasts are bad, but not sure.

I've been thinking of switching to the T-5 lighting for a while now though, and even though I have searched these forums, I am having a hard time finding info that I feel satisfied with for buying a new fixture.

Considering this: ... /52305.htm
Considering the low price, I'm concerned that it's junk. How do you select a good T-5 fixture?

I have leathers, zoas, a few other softies, an open brain, and a plate coral.

Thanks in advance for any advice that you may have.
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Joined: 24 Jun 2011
Location: United States

PostPosted: 2011.07.02(Sat)20:25    Post subject: Lighting and online merchants Reply with quote

I think your link is broken, I tried tracking it down.
Is this your light?
My experience in T5 lighting is mostly that it's not too much about watts, as it is about Lumens, when it comes to plants. If you have any plants that require high light, it's all about the HO High Lumen Full-Spectrum Lighting. As for the T5 Unit itself, I'd measure the quality by the terms of the warranty. A long warranty for defects without many exclusionary clauses from a company lasting a few decades, should be a target goal. My last purchase of lighting was from Aqueon for a 20". It replaced an exact fit 20", which wasn't more than a few years old. Second hand unit, but nothing more than wires, a switch and regulator. The Regulator fried and killed the light.

The bulb is where the worth of unit is. I use GE bulbs and save 75% per bulb, over Petstore variety, and they are still for growing plants... States for aquarium use and for plants right on the package Cool High output and cheap Smile

My only concern is if a bulb breaks and doesn't have the safety tube on it. All florescent bulbs if broken contain mercury and require Hazmat treatment. But this shouldn't be a true concern, unless your home has random flying objects and unpredictable violent daily earthquakes.

As for the company profile, here it is:

If you'd like to shop around some good prices, I recommend
Very comparable prices and dealers.

Hope I gave you some good information. The one you looked at would probably be OK, but if in your shoes, I'd shop around for all comparable prices and units. Amazon has many of this type of light for approx same cost as the unit by Odyssea.
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