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Visual data bank of Poeciliidae family
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Joined: 10 Jun 2005
Location: TURKIYE - Bozuyuk/BILECIK

PostPosted: 2011.06.27(Mon)8:37    Post subject: Visual data bank of Poeciliidae family Reply with quote

Hi all,

I created a visual knowledge base about the Poeciliidae family. I took advantage of the site preparing

Poeciliidae family, 39 genus and hundreds of different species of fish that contain a very large family.

For all genus I prepared an album. Some of the albums are empty, because I could not find pictures.

It was very tiring work...

I wish to be useful.

NOTE: If you want to look this albums, you don't need to be users of Facebook. It is open for all visitors.

Best regards,

LK - - Lepistes Kulubu (Guppy Club Turkiye) President Onur G. Hitit

Facebook page:

Visual data bank of Poeciliidae family:

Genus Alfaro:
Genus Aplocheilichthys:
Genus Belonesox:
Genus Brachyrhaphis:
Genus Carlhubbsia:
Genus Cnesterodon:
Genus Fluviphylax:
Genus Gambusia:
Genus Girardinus:
Genus Heterandria:
Genus Heterophallus:
Genus Hylopanchax:
Genus Lacustricola:
Genus Lamprichthys:
Genus Limia:
Genus Micropanchax:
Genus Micropoecilia:
Genus Neoheterandria:
Genus Pamphorichthys:
Genus Pantanodon:
Genus Phallichthys:
Genus Phalloceros:
Genus Phalloptychus:
Genus Plataplochilus:
Genus Platypanchax:
Genus Poecilia:
Genus Poeciliopsis:
Genus Poropanchax:
Genus Priapella:
Genus Priapichthys:
Genus Procatopus:
Genus Pseudopoecilia:
Genus Quintana:
Genus Rhexipanchax:
Genus Scolichthys:
Genus Tomeurus:
Genus Xenodexia:
Genus Xenophallus:
Genus Xiphophorus:
My name is: "Onur G. HiTiT"

Lepistes Kul
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