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Stocking ideas for a 35 gal hex
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Joined: 19 Jan 2010
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PostPosted: 2011.05.31(Tue)20:23    Post subject: Stocking ideas for a 35 gal hex Reply with quote

Hi am trying to move from freshwater to saltwater I need is some ideas for stocking because I might change the tank to something bigger if the hex doesn't work out ^_^ I havent got most of the stuff for it yet. Am solwly collecting the right things I need for it and saving up some money and need a bigger place as well. Right now the hex is being use for goldfish. Am going to try a fish only tank with live rocks but my boyfriend wants to it to be coral tank and am thinking thats not going to work out. Sorry if I don't have much info right now. Am just doing research right now so I can get a ball park idea of how much money I would need. As of right now am working on getting a protein skimmer I was thinking AquaEuroUSA Classic 135 Protein Skimmer but wasnt sure. thanks a lot for the help sorry if this post is everywhere brain is working overtime trying to get this going. ^_^

What kinds of fish can go into a hex tank?

Is a hex tank OK for keeping saltwater fish?
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PostPosted: 2011.06.18(Sat)15:01    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sure, a larger hex tank can work for saltwater, as long as you plan it out carefully, don't over-populate it and choose the proper filtration and lighting for the species you desire. If you really want to stick with a hex, I would say the 35 gallon unit you have is about the minimum for a healthy marine system. They also make a larger unit in the 60 gallon range which would be even better for water chemistry and temperature stability.

They are generally not considered the "best shape" because they are usually deeper which can pose challenges for lighting a reef system. Also they have less horizontal and bottom space for hiding places. Of course, you want vigorous turnover to make sure you get plenty of oxygen into this type of deeper system.

That said, you can easily build a stacked vertical "bommie" with caves out of live rock and there are some species which can adapt to a larger hex without any issues; such as clowns and other damsels, hawkfish, cardinals, etc. As a diver, I can tell you that many wild species live on vertical coral walls and rarely see a horizontal area. You just have to make sure you are anchoring your rock properly to avoid any rock tumbling into your glass. You can also combine live rock with a lightweight, pre-fabricated vertical structure, maybe something like the vertical coral replica shown here:

With regard to livestock and corals; I suggest you start by reading my articles below, and consider what level of care you are comfortable with...

Marine Species NOT for beginners

Marine Aquarium Myths (things a beginner should know)
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