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T8 60watt -> T5 90watt good upgrade for eio 180?
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Joined: 12 Jan 2010
Location: Hoogezand, Netherlands

PostPosted: 2011.04.16(Sat)11:01    Post subject: T8 60watt -> T5 90watt good upgrade for eio 180? Reply with quote

Hi all,

I think I have very low lighting for my current tank (A Rio 180 with the old T8 60watt in total fixture) and I am having some difficulty with my Red Ludwigia. It is dying from the bottom down but is doing fine in the top 40% of the tank, suggesting me it's light deficiency that is causing it. Also I have noticeably more algae in the winter months then in the summer months where more indirect sunlight hits the aquarium.

Now I've been thinking about adding a third T8 to my tank making it a total of 90watts T8. But I'm thinking I would be better of with a new RIO 180 jewel fixture which uses the T5 high-lite.

I guess what I'm asking is if this is a logical upgrade? - I have been choosing my plants for low lighting but I think even those can benefit from a light upgrade.

I add a wee bit CO2 (enough to lower my pH from ~8.0 to 7.3) and add nutrients every 2 weeks (in small portions).

I use reflectors on both lamps by the way, and will continue doing so also with t5.

So in short:
- Can I classify my current T8 60watts for my RIO 180 as EXTREMELY low lighting?
- Is an upgrade to the new RIO 180 T5 high lite system a logical upgrade? (to get this to a regular low lighting system or possibly even medium light classification?

Both a test to see if I can actually upload videos to youtube and some viewing material to go along with he post:

The red Ludwigia is doing semi fine in that video (its in the right back of the tank)
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