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CO2 system (good buy?)
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Joined: 17 Nov 2009

PostPosted: 2011.04.03(Sun)23:42    Post subject: CO2 system (good buy?) Reply with quote

For my 38G (36") I have a high output T5 light (total of 78 watts). I was searching for a CO2 system and came across this one...

I wanted to know what you guys think or if there is a better system for supplying CO2 for my tank..Please let me know if its a good buy or if there is a better one, because I'm just learning about CO2 and planted tanks and would like a professional advice.

Thank you to all who reply!
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Joined: 25 Mar 2011
Location: Canton, OH

PostPosted: 2011.04.04(Mon)8:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

That seems pretty pricey for a system that size. I think you are paying for compactness, it mentions its good for nano tanks. Since your tank is a little bigger I think you would be better off with a slightly larger system. I have also seen a system thats about that size on drs foster and smith for 50 bucks, its not nearly as high end as that but it is pressurized and much cheaper. If I was going to spend 250 I would get a system with a bigger CO2 tank so I wouldnt have to refill all the time. Also I am betting those specialized refills will not be cheap.
You can always make a DIY setup. Its super easy and there are a lot of instructions on here and the internet. You could always start with that and if you really like messing with the plants upgrade. For the amount of light you have in your tank a DIY would probably supply the right amount of CO2. If you wanted a pressurized system I would say upgrade your lighting too. You are at 2 WPG which is on the medium to low end. If you were 3-4 WPG I would say you need pressurized CO2.
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