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Cory goes shellfish
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Joined: 27 Apr 2010

PostPosted: 2011.01.15(Sat)0:45    Post subject: Cory goes shellfish Reply with quote

Pictures can't really show my excitement! Laughing

I've always loved Corys, especially MY Corys, since I got them a year and a half ago. They are very good cleaners, they've survived a major chemical disaster, and they are cute and handsome. My love for Corys grows even more today.

I was having lunch alone in front of my tank. I noticed a weak/dead snail and I planned to remove it after lunch. It turned out I didn't have to it at all. When I was eating, I spotted one of my Corys gorging itself on a big chunk of something. Snail meat. That means I've already missed the scene of it pulling the snail body out. I quickly got my camera and captured some shots. I doubt my Cory may lose interest after some time, so I resumed my lunch.

Oh well. The Cory was really very keen on eating the snail. At some instances, it spat the meat out but would quickly snatch it again. My angelfish may have sensed something and came to investigate, but they were either unsure of the source or they didn't want to labeled as carrion-eaters, and they left my Cory anxiously guarding its feast.

Bit by bit, my Cory ate most of the snail meat. The other Corys didn't bother it at all, so all the meat went to the very same fish. I guess I have wrongly blamed by tiger barbs when I got an empty snail shell last time.

Below is a small version of a picture I made showing the sequence. If anyone is interested, please click this link for a bigger picture:

Edit at 14:52: Now it seems the Cory is full and the toughest foot muscle of the snail is not eaten. I'll have to take it out.
Diamond Hill, Hong Kong
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