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My dumb disaster last night
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the KOZ
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Joined: 14 Jan 2011
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PostPosted: 2011.01.14(Fri)7:16    Post subject: My dumb disaster last night Reply with quote

So you have to understand this first.My wife has MS and has heart problems she is on ssi and medicare
this last week has been hell.It started on Monday when I went to get her med's at the pharmacy she's on 15 diff med's which normal cost us nothing.Our Gov in there wisdom this year put her in what they call the doughnut hole or black hole on the 1st of the new year not even heard of by the experts on this issue.wait you ask whats the doughnut hole.Its when you reach a point in your coverage that medicare says you have to pay the full price of your meds out of pocket 1 of her meds
for her heart cost 899.99 us dollars so my wife who was getting better is on her way to the grave again.
Needless to say am pretty STRESSED OUT about the hole thing and have not had much sleep since this started. To top it off here's what has happened to my 20 and 30 gallon tanks.First the easy am pretty good at treating my fish if they have a problem or get sick I have more meds then you can guess for them well one of my bloodfin tetra and one x-ray are having trouble.The bloodfin hangs in a cornor twiches a lot won't eat
I qt him in a bare bowel for treatment my guess is it's bactera or genetic.
treated him with meth blue and pure metronidazole lowered temp in the bowel to slow down bactera this works on some forms not all and to slow down his motabulizim so he won't starve to death to quickly 100 % water and med changes everday at this point taking out all of the pathogen is my goal he's doing well still after 3 days same treatment for the x-rray tetra but he suffer's from not eatting not that he dose not try this tells me gut problems hope it's not TB but flexobactera that I have a slight chance against.I know in these case's with larger fish I would inject them with baytril but come on there tetra.both are still alive and am setting up a pico tank just for them sometimes they can live a good life with untreatable pathogens but you can never put them with other fish there still infectous
now on to my 30 gallon problems two rainbow fish one died before x-mas why, well I think it might have been bullying or night fright see I turned of the tank lights at night something I just started to do to save power. he was just dandy before the next morning dead I was upset!!!!!!
The other rainbow looked bullyed so I pulled him out last sat prob the single G danio I know I know I need at least 3 to curb that I did not have a qt tank set=up for adding to the 30 gallon yet so have not bought them yet still the other fish hold there own well.Alittle history on this fish one of my oldest a few months after I got him be got the flex which I treated him and he recovered though some of his fins did not grow back to full form yet this can take up to a year sometimes if at all.So being bullied I pulled him from the tank treated him and he was doing fine.
What was my mistake.Well having to treat the to new fish it being 3 am and my wife's problems with her meds thinking the water temps matched or not I don't know what I was thinking I dumped him in the tank not acumating him to the temp he did fine alittle off color but I thought that was fear him in what seamed like a new tank again so to keep him from being bullyed again right away I put him in a netted breader box in the current of the power filter so he would get a lot of o2 in the box this has work just fine well the box in the tank set up not the temp thing.
found him this morning realized my mistake I felt so dam guilty I killed my fish.
To top it off just two weeks ago I went to my lfs to get some black worms and due to an electric problem his heaters kicked of the breaker and half of the fish in like 20 tanks were dead or near dead
I showed him how to save the rest and we did same many, many fish by slowly getting there temp back up in buckets of heated water must have saved him a lot of money.
And after that I messed up like this dumb,dumb,dumb.
Sorry for the spelling I suck at it am a math guy.
Even experts make the simplest sometimes dumb mistakes.Learn from them.
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