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We Need Your Expert Opinions!
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Wendy and George
New Members

Joined: 10 Sep 2010

PostPosted: 2010.09.10(Fri)2:43    Post subject: We Need Your Expert Opinions! Reply with quote

About 7 weeks ago we started up a saltwater aquarium again. We had one a few years ago with 2 wonderful seahorses. Unfortunately the heater malfunctioned and we were unable to lower the temperature in the tank in time to save them. I vowed never again but time heals and here we are ready to take the plunge again.

It's a 30 gallon with about 14 pounds of healthy live rock, cycled with 0 nitrites, 0 ammonia and 20 nitrates. Last week we went to a friends LFS and purchased 2 Misbanded Clowns and a Conch snail (we already had a blue green Chromis). They were all happy, eating and active for a week and then we got up one morning to find the 2 Clowns dead. Conch is still doing great and we have also found a tiny Cerith Snail. We also have several hitchhikers including a Bristle worm who is about 2" long.

We decided to try another Clown since the store checked all of our water parameters and they are perfect. We brought home the new Clown and took about an hour to aclimate him properly. The next morning he was dead.

Does anyone have any ideas what is going on in our tank? We are getting our tank ready for seahorses again and when the time is right I don't want to get them and have them die as well.
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Joined: 04 Jul 2004

PostPosted: 2010.09.10(Fri)13:24    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well welcome to the forum, and I'm sorry it had to be on such a sad note with the bad news, unfortunately it is very difficult to trouble shoot these problems online. I can tell you right off the bat, the folks over at will tell you that 20 ppm reading on the nitrates is twice the maximum recommended for seahorses, so that's something to keep in mind as you move forward. With regard to the mystery deaths, my suggestion is you need to start by looking very carefully at your animals.

The following items are from my archives, and these only apply in a general manner to sick or dying fish. I can offer these as ideas, and hope for the best...

"Why are my fish dying?"

Right now my primary concerns would be as follows:

1. The fish has an infection of some sort

What are the SYMPTOMS? Have you looked at your fish lately, not casually but REALLY inspected your livestock closely? You might be skeptical, but I have found over the years that some hobbyists have never really bothered to carefully look at their livestock. Adjust your lighting if required to allow proper observation. Get up close
Keepin' marines happy for 25 years
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Joined: 17 Mar 2006
Location: Tampa, FL

PostPosted: 2010.09.20(Mon)8:14    Post subject: Reply with quote

Exactly how did you acclimate the fish and how did your water parameters compare with the LFS' water parameters?
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