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debauwi catfish breeding behavior?
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Joined: 09 Mar 2010

PostPosted: 2010.08.29(Sun)5:47    Post subject: debauwi catfish breeding behavior? Reply with quote

I'm hoping someone here can tell me if this is normal or not. I think my debauwi catfish are trying to spawn, but I cannot find any detailed descriptions online to know for sure. For about the last 10 days, the largest of my group of 4 has been getting a progressively larger belly. She was still eating & active, but as the days progressed, all 4 of them began to seem agitated & show unusually aggressive behavior towards each other (but not towards anyone else in the tank), and the large one started to spend more time hiding in the plants.

About 2 days ago, there was some very suspicious activity, with the large bellied one laying on the gravel & 2 of the smaller ones laying near her & trying to arch themselves around her. This behavior is continuing to a lesser degree today, but the large belly doesn't seem any smaller, I see no eggs (although I guess they could be eaten) and there are some signs of damage on the two that are showing all the interest in her - torn fins etc.

More concerning to me is the fact that 3 of the 4 showed no interest at all in eating during feeding time last night or this morning. The 4th one (who is also the smallest of the four) is hiding much more than normal, but will still eat if food comes near. Compared to their usual ravenous feeding habits, I find this very alarming! Has anyone had experience with these guys? I'm not sure how worried I should be, or if there is anything I should be doing to help them out.
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Joined: 18 Apr 2007

PostPosted: 2010.08.29(Sun)22:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

They are egg scatterers so I'm not sure what is happening here. Confused
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Joined: 09 Mar 2010

PostPosted: 2010.08.30(Mon)11:18    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, all 4 came out to eat today, and only the large bellied one went back into hiding afterwards.
I did some research on PlanetCatfish today & their actions sound about right for breeding (for example, the two males with their barbels pointing to the sky while they sidle up to her), but it's supposed to all happen a lot faster than what is going on in my tank. These guys are probably only about 8-10 months old - I'm wondering if they are 'teenagers' that don't have a good feel for what they should be doing. I also wonder if the female might be egg bound... We'll see what happens. Confused
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