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ick meds with anemones?
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ak dylpickles

Joined: 16 Feb 2010

PostPosted: 2010.08.08(Sun)16:19    Post subject: ick meds with anemones? Reply with quote

can you put ick meds in with anemones?
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Joined: 15 May 2006
Location: Okotoks, AB

PostPosted: 2010.08.13(Fri)15:56    Post subject: Reply with quote

Short Answer: No.
The longer answer is that you always need to quarantine all new arrivals into a tank to ensure that they don't carry any diseases, because ALL medications for vertebrates (fish) are toxic to invertebrates (corals, anenomes, crabs, shrimps).
To make matters worse, any live rock, crushed coral, or other calcium-based material will often absorb meds (in this case, the medications are likely to be copper-based, and will certainly be absorbed), making the tank permanently toxic.
Never add meds to a system you want to add invertebrates to later.

If you have saltwater ich in your tank, you will need to catch all your vertebrates, move them to a quarantine tank (don't have a QT tank? You should! Get one now!), and treat them there. You'll need to allow the display tank to lie fallow for at least a month.

Alternatively, if you already have ich in your system, but it doesn't seem to be severe, you can choose the 'control' route- maintain good conditions for your fish and trust their own immune systems to keep the parasite in check. Make sure your fish have a healthy diet, and that the water quality is perfect (read: pH 8.2, NH4, N02, N03 at zero, temperature stable, high oxygen levels due to sufficient circulation). Be aware that at the first sign of stress, your fish WILL break out again if you take this route.
^This is an excellent article on Marine Ich, which explains the specifics of what I've just summarized in brief.
Am I obsessed? Wait a minute... don't answer that!
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Joined: 16 Feb 2003
Location: PA, USA

PostPosted: 2010.10.18(Mon)11:50    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you plan to switch that tank to a reef do not put any medications in there ever!! It will never completely get out of the water or the rocks or the sand. Your corals you would add down the road would not appreciate it.
150 Gallon (567.811768 liters) community tank, 50 Gallon African Tank, 7 reef tanks, 6 FOLR, 28 freshwater tanks
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