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stocking 46 gallon bowfront
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Joined: 03 Feb 2010
Location: Brisbane, Australia

PostPosted: 2010.08.03(Tue)18:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

No Sad However, I am keen to, have a decade of freshwater experience and have done a fair bit of research on the topic of sw. (now all I really need is the money!) I have a few books but they are a bit outdated. Then there is the internet. However, the internet has such varied opinions and sometimes it is both frustrating and confusing.
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Joined: 20 Apr 2003
Location: Quebec, Canada

PostPosted: 2010.08.03(Tue)23:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

all right well the psedu whatever thing is out. haha. I guess could I have a yellow tang for a while? I herd they grew really slow.

Just avoid tangs all together. I know you want one, but you just can't keep one in a tank that size, even if it's a small one. They like to swim and need lots of open space. A 46 gallon aquarium will just stress it out and kill it faster. If you are keen on keeping a tang, consider upgrading to a 6 foot long tank.
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Joined: 15 May 2006
Location: Okotoks, AB

PostPosted: 2010.08.13(Fri)16:20    Post subject: Reply with quote

I second Mike's advice here. If you've ever seen a tank full of tangs, you know how those babies can really SWIM! They need a nice long tank with enough width to corner easily. I don't know where someone got the idea that yellows are any more aggressive or mean than any other tang- mine is a well behaved member of my 120g reef community, and I'd never want to give him up. But they do need a big tank. Please don't get a tang for a little tank. Trust me- you do NOT want to have to net one of those speedy fellows out of your rockwork in a year or two.

Royal grammas are peaceful fish that would work well in a tank that size. (just one, though). Bangaiis are nice, but they were CITES listed recently, which has made them a touch more expensive. Pajama cardinals are an alternative, for an interesting/unusual fish. If you want cardinals, either get a male/female couple (not easy to tell which is which unless they're breeding), or stick to one fish.

Flames are beautiful, but bear in mind that some of them have a tendency to nibble on corals- particularly stony corals.

Alternatively, if you can get the tank well established and stable, you could consider keeping a single clownfish, a goby, and a small school of blue chromis. I love mine- they're real sweethearts, and very colourful, active little fish.
Am I obsessed? Wait a minute... don't answer that!
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