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Holes in anubias!
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Joined: 06 May 2010
Location: london

PostPosted: 2010.06.08(Tue)1:08    Post subject: Holes in anubias! Reply with quote

Hi. I have 3 dwarf anubias. I got them 3 days ago. Yesterday I found that the third one had tiny holes like it's been burnt on 2 or 3 leaves. I looked at the others, the second was fine but the first on had a leaf with a hole so big that it was about 3 cm wide and tall. I think they may be burnt but I want to make sure. The second one is closest to the light but nothing happend to it. Confused The fish tank doesn't have much light, only 3-4 hours every night (15 watt) Is that a lot? The mollies don't seem to be interested in them. All they're interested in is food and mating.
Crying or Very sad Please help. I really love those plants!
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10 gallon tank = molly mum and 24 short adult fry.

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Joined: 02 Jan 2008
Location: Israel

PostPosted: 2010.10.05(Tue)15:57    Post subject: Reply with quote

First of all do you have snails.some snails could bite holes in the leafs.if so wright back and tell us what type they are.2# when the leafs get old they that way.3# you need more light in the aquarium, more like 10 hours a day (what size is the tank you might want to look up how much lighting you need exactly.)
Good luck there is nothing like a planted tank.
Yosef C.
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Joined: 18 Dec 2009
Location: British Columbia, Canada

PostPosted: 2010.10.05(Tue)17:14    Post subject: Reply with quote

all of my plants developed holes and melted away eventually, I had a major fertilization problem!
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