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Joined: 19 Dec 2006
Location: Nottingham

PostPosted: 2010.04.04(Sun)21:10    Post subject: Tubastraeas Reply with quote

Hi Everyone, I'm new on this Forum and I posted a few questions a few days ago and I must say how impressed I was with how detailed the answers were, once again Thank you.
I have a 60 gallon Reef Tank with 7 fish and a variety of corals, but my pride and joy are my Tubastraeas (sun corals) I have 2 orange cup and 1 black cup, I feed them every other day and I feed each head individually and as you can imagine this takes some time, but don't let this feeding regime put you of getting one of these fantastic corals because you soon get used to the feeding routine and belive me it is well worth the effort to see them fully open,I half fill an egg cup with tank water and put in 1 cube of frozed Mysis shrimp, 1 cube of frozen Brine shrimp and a few slivers of frozen Cyclopeeze, when thawed I use a small pipette to suck up some of the mixture and squirt a small amount onto each head, this amount of food is enough to feed all the heads on my Tubastraeas more than 200, so don't mix this amount if you only have a small amount to feed, you can tell if they are well fed as the polyps will be partially extended and look bloated during the day. Now depending on you set up you will have to keep a check on your Nitrates as all this extra feeding can send it sky high as did mine so I invested in a Deltec Nitrate filter and I now do a 8 gallon water change every 2 weeks and my Nitrate reading is never more than 5ppm. I hope nothing I have said will stop you owning one of these wonderful corals as they are well worth the time and effort.
I hope anybody who is thinking about getting a Tubastraea finds this information useful
Glen[img] [/img]
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Joined: 04 Jul 2004

PostPosted: 2010.04.05(Mon)0:04    Post subject: Reply with quote

Glen, thanks for your kind words, I can see you have a lot of patience and dedication for these animals. Many aquarists do not realize the level of care required by suspension feeders in marine aquaria, and they often starve over a period of time. Those Deltec nitrate filters aren't cheap either! Thanks for the great photos, gotta love the orange color, it really glows. I think every time I have encountered these on the reefs, they have been upside down inside a cave or under an overhang; very similar in that respect to the beautiful Lace Corals (Stylaster spp.), which also seem to have a disdain for strong light.
Keepin' marines happy for 25 years
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