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Stressed out Kongo Tetra's due to Angelfish' agressiveness?
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Joined: 12 Jan 2010
Location: Hoogezand, Netherlands

PostPosted: 2010.03.20(Sat)7:38    Post subject: Stressed out Kongo Tetra's due to Angelfish' agressiveness? Reply with quote

Hi! - As can be read in my other topic in the disease forum, I have a group of kongo tetra's that are showing signs of stress.

- twitching
- popeye (in one case)
- defective swim blatter

In an effort to reduce the stress I already took some action (see also that topic).

However, I now noticed that my 2 angelfish are getting a bit more aggressive then usual. They are not aggressive to the Kongo's or other species, but only to each other. I don't think I've seen them this aggressive since I have had them. Normally they would chase each-other around a bit and show some fake charging moves against each-other, nothing really bad considering they're most likely two of the same sex. When they're not fighting they always swim together.

Again, now they're showing some more aggressive behavior one chasing the other round until it's semi-hiding (as far as a big angel-fish can hide in a 200l tank).

I am getting the feeling the angels are growing like mad since I have had them, even though they are already 3+ years. So they can very well be to bog for the tank. This may be something I deal with later.

For purposes of scale.. the tank is 100cm x 40cm x 50cm (height) - I haven't measured, but from top fin to bottom fin the angelfish must be at least 15 cm (when they're trying to be as big as they can)

The immediate question is.. can these fighting angelfish cause the stress related diseases of the Kongo's, even though their aggressiveness is not towards them? - Secondary question is are they too big for this tank?

img of angelfish as best I could make it:
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