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Guppy breeding question
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Joined: 13 Jan 2009
Location: Wisconsin

PostPosted: 2010.02.03(Wed)19:36    Post subject: Guppy breeding question Reply with quote

My brother just got 3 guppies in my old 15 gal. I was wondering what a gravid spot looks like? Plus, what do you feed your guppie fry, his just spawned in the tank so I moved them to my 55 tank.
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Cliff Mayes

Joined: 11 Mar 2007
Location: Western NY

PostPosted: 2010.02.03(Wed)21:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

Two things will happen, either the Guppy adults or other fish will eat all of the fry (or at least a significant percentage of them) or you will be overrun with Guppies.

I am about to take a bag of them to the Auction just to get rid of them. I cannot resist buying the fancy ones that come up for a buck a bag at the end of the Auction even knowing that I am too lazy to maintain the strain (they are such beautiful creatures.)

The Fry will manage on the leftover food or if it is a really grubby tank they will thrive on the things that exist in the stuff that is on the gravel and plants et cetera.
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Joined: 19 Jan 2010
Location: Denver, Colorado

PostPosted: 2010.02.04(Thu)19:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

we have guppies fries but which are starting to get bigger but anyways we would feed them crushed up pellets when I mean crushed up fine powder of pellet food then moved them to baby brine shrimp that you can get a local petsmart or petco or a fish place or you can feed them baby brine shrimp. If you have java moss it would provide great hiding place for the fries to hide from the bigger fishes. ^_^ hope this helps a llittle bit
My Boyfriend would kill me if he knew I got more fish lol
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Joined: 07 Dec 2003
Location: U.S.A

PostPosted: 2010.02.22(Mon)19:30    Post subject: Reply with quote

The gravid spot is the dark part that's visible through the female's body. When she's ready to give birth, the spot becomes very dark and you can actually see eyeballs! I just love looking for those lil' silvery eyeballs--if I see any, I move the gup into a separate tank so she can give birth. After birth, the spot becomes lighter and pinkish.

Also, boiled egg yolk makes the guppy babies go crazy (in a good way). They're good for a rare treat, though don't feed too much because it clouds up the water.
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