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AoA Praises: Thanks for being a step above the rest
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Joined: 26 Nov 2007
Location: Georgia, USA

PostPosted: 2009.10.26(Mon)9:26    Post subject: AoA Praises: Thanks for being a step above the rest Reply with quote

Though I have been extremely busy lately, change of interests in the fish-keeping hobby, and my time/posts here have been minute, I want to take the time to say thank you to AoA, Marcos, Mods, Members (everybody).

I have been invited by others to join a few other forums (mostly for the occasional advice on USA native fishes). Since my short time on these forums, I have noticed that they are littered with garbage. While there are extremely knowledgable members out there giving out excellent advice, you have to pick through all the 'sloppy' or non-contributing, off-topic posts.
It is not my intention to bash other forums - I hope this doesn't sound bad. Afterall, all forums have the same goal - to help others and learn more.
Each forum has the genuine helpers, but others only want say soemthing about every topic/post becuase it increases their "point count", "post count" or changes there "title" from "Guppy" to "Oscar".
But, Aquahobby stands above all that.

I believe there is no such thing as a 'stupid' question.
I can't believe some of my posts when I first joined AquaHobby. Laughing
If someone has even a slight bit of experience on a topic -share it. It helps everybody! Very Happy

But what separates AoA from the rest, is the knowledgable, curtious and helpful advice given by its members. In every post, it is clear that the participants here are genuine and care about the hobby's science, biology, health, etc. Nearly everyone here is so eager to learn and advance their knowledge in fish-keeping. We all learn a little something from each post.

Though some might argue that the rate of posts/day here is 'slow' compared to others, the quality of the posts here are exponentially higher.

So thank you, EVERYONE, for contributing to expansion of knowledge to this wonderful hobby and all the hobbyist.
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