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Help ME!! My tank is dying!! I don't know what else to try.
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PostPosted: 2009.09.13(Sun)13:35    Post subject: Help ME!! My tank is dying!! I don't know what else to try. Reply with quote

I have a 55 gallon saltwater tank with corals, 4 clown fish, 2 tangs, mandarine goby, coral beauty, firefish, sea urchin, star fish and 2 shrimp. Today when I woke up two of my fish were dead and I do not know why. I tested my pH levels and there good my Amonia level is good my nitrates and nitrites are good my salinity is good. My corals all look great. two of my clown fish are not as bright orange as they use to be, its like they have a very thin layer of a white film over them and my yellow tang is looking kind of grey tinted. Please tell me what you think this is so I can fix it as soon as possible and tell me what treatment would do to corals!
C Henneman
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Joined: 04 Jul 2004

PostPosted: 2009.09.13(Sun)14:41    Post subject: Reply with quote

Did you recently add a new fish?
What you are describing sounds like an advanced case of one of two common pathogens; either Brooklynella (Brooklynella hostilis - also called Clownfish Disease, Brooklynellosis) or Amyloodinium (Amyloodinium ocellatum - also called Oodinium or Velvet or Coral Fish Disease). The two can appear similar and both will create the appearance of a white film over the fish. Brooklynella is called "Clownfish Disease," but tangs and other species can be attacked as well. You are going to need to REMOVE all the fish from this system into a hospital tank for treatment, the inverts will be okay but ALL FISH (even the healthy ones) must be removed. If it is one of these two pathogens you need to take action immediately, otherwise all of your fish will be quickly killed! With these parasites, a few hours can make the difference between survival or death.

Amyloodinium is sometimes referred to as a type of "ich" but it's even more deadly; the cysts can first appear as tiny white spots like salt, like the first sign of Marine Ich (cryptocaryon), but Oodinium is different because the fish will appear to be coated with a whitish or tan, velvet-like film, hence the name Velvet Disease. Brooklynella reproduces even faster than Velvet, and also causes a whitish mucus coating on the body, as the fish produce a thick slime, and the epithelium will slough off giving the appearance of strings hanging off the fish. Both of these pathogens attack the gills first, and induce an increased respiration rate; in both cases the fish can eventually be found gasping for air near the surface.

Sometimes Amyloodinium can be halted with copper medications, however Fenner reports that treatment of Brooklynellosis with copper is largely ineffective and if you have Brooklynella you will need to rely on formalin dips. If you have corals, crustaceans or other invertebrates, you cannot add copper to your display; it will kill your inverts. If you do not have a hospital/quarantine system ready then you need to call your local retailer and ask if they have a hospital tank where you can get them all treated with copper or other treatments like dips in formalin solution (be advised; some species like Mandarins are copper sensitive). I repeat
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