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Blue Panchax- Tankmate Info.
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Wicked Cich

Joined: 11 Jul 2009
Location: Aurora IL

PostPosted: 2009.08.18(Tue)21:48    Post subject: Blue Panchax- Tankmate Info. Reply with quote


I am thinking about getting a couple of these really cool fish, but I have some concerns about the fish that are already in the tank. The tank is a 47 gal. column (3 ft tall) and I am looking for top dwelling fish.

The current stock is...

2 Angelfish (half dollar sized)
3 Mollies (1m, 2f)
6 Rummynose Tetras
3 Spotted Cories
1 Clown Pleco
1 Synodontis Catfish (5 in)

Would I be able to keep killies with these fish? I read that they can fit more in their mouths than you would think, but I don't think that any of my fish would be small enough.
Would the angels bother the killies? They sometimes get a little crabby with their mates now, so I wonder how they would do with a fish that does not move around very much.
I have an extra 10 gal. that I would be able to use if things did not work out. Is this even sufficient enough space for two of these fish?

Thanks in advance for any advice. I have never had any experience with this kind of fish.

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Wicked Cich

Joined: 11 Jul 2009
Location: Aurora IL

PostPosted: 2009.09.04(Fri)8:10    Post subject: Rainbow Panchax, and how they are messing with my tank! Reply with quote

Well, I ended up getting two killifish 1m, 1f of a different variety, they are a rainbow panchax. I have had them since last friday. When I first put them in my largest angel was very interested, but only for about a day. The panchax seem to hang out at the top all of the time.

Everything is not perfect though, and I am thinking about removing the panchax from the tank. Since they have been in there, the rummynoses have been acting funny. They are staying in a tighter formation, and spending more time under cover of plants. They all appear to be heathly except for where and how they are spending their time.

I have not seen any aggression from the panchax to the rummynoses, so the only thing that I can think of is that both fish are of similar size and shape and the female killi also is similar in color. Could the initial meeting have been so bad that the rummynoses have gone into hiding? This is the only thing I can think of.

Anyway, the rummynoses are my favorite tetra, and I am not willing to subject them to unhappiness because of two fish that I can keep elsewhere. So, most likely the killifish are going to a 10 gal today.

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