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Can't figure out what type of pond fish I have seen (no pic)
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PostPosted: 2009.07.25(Sat)10:30    Post subject: Can't figure out what type of pond fish I have seen (no pic) Reply with quote

I was walking around the pond near my apartment, it is a cement pond with high walls so I can't get right near the edge, and I saw a gold fish, about 10 inches long perhaps, with a flowy tail - but not a fan tail - and a hump which originated in front of its dorsal fin, which wasn't very pronounced. The only large fins are the tail fins, which are more flowy than a koi's. Its body shape is like that of a goldfish, very round - not elongate like a koi. There are no spots of any other color, just a deep orange all over. Have looked through pics in the gallery and on the internet and haven't seen anything which resembles this fish. It isn't a red devil cichlid, the hump is not as pronounced, but the start of the hump is very easy to notice. I live in north central Oklahoma, but I don't know if a tropical fish could survive through the winter. There is a lot of algae in this pond, along with tons of frogs, lots of small perch (I think) and I have seen a few very large carp. Also, in the fall there were THOUSANDS of small orange fish I assumed were comets that swam around the perimeter of the pond. I haven't seen any of those at all this summer. But maybe this big on is a grown up one of those - I don't know.
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