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matching species/stress problem ?!?! not sure
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Joined: 15 Mar 2009

PostPosted: 2009.03.15(Sun)20:35    Post subject: matching species/stress problem ?!?! not sure Reply with quote

Hi everyone,
I've just bought my 30 gallon tank with some fish (12 neon tetras, 5 phantoms, 2 little angles) from a friend. It was fully equipped and when I set it up in my home I followed all the procedures as she told me.
everything was fine till I decided to add some more fish. I did it in two days. first day I bought 5 mollies (2 male and 3 females). It was turned that one of the females is not doing well and she is too weak. but whenever I add food she joins the others to take food. There is one couple mating from these mollies and another male was eagerly eating all the food as he could and he was too active (he is white).
the day after I went to the pet shop and I took two rainbows plus two clown loaches. After I transferred them into the tank everything changed. One of the rainbows (which is apparently colored in red) is chasing fishes and in fact made the other male molly (white one) to sit down the tank and watch others. (inactive)
The red rainbow is chasing mollies and sometimes chases the other rainbow. Clown loaches and angles are doing well. maybe the rainbow doesn't like them. I think it is a bit stress in my tank now I can see it. moreover Neon tetras and phantoms are trying to find a place to hide. they choose corners and inside the plant bushes.
any recommendations to reduce stress??
thank you very much for having this good forum
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PostPosted: 2009.03.15(Sun)20:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

Have moved to Diseases and Disasters, seems more apt for the problem.
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