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Kent Marine Tech CB...
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Joined: 06 Mar 2007

PostPosted: 2009.02.28(Sat)11:50    Post subject: Kent Marine Tech CB... Reply with quote

OK question....

This site...

...leads me to believe that part A of Kent Marine Tech CB is the calcium part, and that part B is the alkalinity part. Since it askes for current levels of each and gives doses of desired products to get target levels.

Now just yesterday when I tested at 12 noon before first dose, Calcium was 380ppm and Alkalinity was 110ppm.

I added 5mls of part A then and at midnight and then today at noon. 5mls every 12 hours, three dose total.

Thing is my calcium doesn't seem to be up. My KH does. Went from 100-110ppm to 130ppm. I tested twice. Its definitely up while calcium remains same.

Now I understand the relationship between Alk and Cal, they need to be balanced other wise calcium will just precipatate from the water.

My goal was to bring calcium into balance with alk, since it was relatively lower, and then use both parts equally to bring them both up to desired target.

Ultimatly my question is... is part A used to bring up Calcium or Alk, or do they not do either with out both parts? The site mentioned has me confused.


I found this at Kents site...


Do I have to always use the same amount of KENT Marine Tech CB Parts A and B or can I dose more of one than the other?

No. Although Parts A and B are ionically balanced to compliment each other when used together equally, there are times when the aquarium water chemistry does not require as much of the A as it does the B and vice versa so they can be added at differing ratios. An example would be if the calcium level was at 450 ppm but the alkalinity was only at 8 dKH. Then it would be beneficial to add the Part B without the Part A.


So I'm led to believe that yes the calculator was right, Part B could here be used to bring up the alk in this example. And by deduction part A could bring up Calcium.

So why do I seem to note raised alk when adding part A, maybe there is something I don't understand.

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Joined: 04 Jul 2004

PostPosted: 2009.02.28(Sat)13:18    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not familiar with that product but maybe this will help...

"If calcium level is at target and alkalinity is low, then reduce the amount of part A you are adding by 50% and double the amount of part B until the values are at target. Then proceed as directed. If alkalinity is high, reduce the amount of part B etc..."

Here is a discussion with some users of KMT CB that might help you:
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Joined: 06 Mar 2007

PostPosted: 2009.02.28(Sat)17:14    Post subject: calcium/alk Reply with quote

OK heres the really weird thing...!

First off as per articles I have read I understand the balance between Calcium and Alkalinity simplified like this... If a bowl full of marbles can ony hold 100 marbles, 50 of which are red to represent Calcium and 50 of which are blue to represent Alkalinty, it can still only hold 100 marbles. For example if you try to add more Calcium (red marbles) some alkalinity drop is going to happen to fit the increased amount of Calcium. And vice versa so total can not exceed given max for system.

Now based on that logic someone try to explain why I saw these results. I added part A of Kent Marine CB which is supposed to raise Calcium. Based on the logic above if anything I should have seen decrease in alk and increase in calcium. BUT NO!!!

I saw with the part A (calcium part) an INCREASE in alk and no change in calcium . The 3 X 5ml increased alk from 110ppm to 130ppm.

Then to kick the boot, I tried the part B, the part that is supposed to raise alk (or by precipatation, lower calcium). 1 X 5ml dose and it actually raised calcium from 380 to 420 and alk stayed the same.

OK does this have a explaination? Cause everything I can wrap my little brain around makes me think the impossible, that the labels are on the bottles are reversed. I'm serious, I can't figure that out.

BTW. According to my testing and application of this series of assumptions, I now have my calcium and alkalinity in balance, about 420ppm calcium and abouts 130ppm alk. Right on the graphs for balanced mixture.

Look! Someone left footprints on the ceiling!
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