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24" 36" and 48" T5 at Home Depot
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PostPosted: 2009.02.21(Sat)18:19    Post subject: 24" 36" and 48" T5 at Home Depot Reply with quote

I've been DIY Lighting and have spend way too many hours at Home Depot.

I finally got a 48" T12 shoplight for $10 (made by Lithonia Lighting), except it has a magnetic ballast. My T8s tubes works fine in it though. I also bought a 4x32T8 electronic ballast (Sylvania Quicktronic) for $15. Was going to ODNO the 2 T8s, but decided to stick with the 64watts I'm getting for now. Looks a lot brighter than my 2x20w CFL and 2x20w 24" T12 I had in it. My plants were growing fine with the old lighting so the 2x32T8 should work fine. 100 gallon.

Anyway, I found they carry 24" 36" and 48" T5s fixtures now, bulb included, finding replacment bulbs there is another issue. The 24" single tube is $15 and the double is $22. I didn't look at the single tube 36" or 48". I'll take a peek when I'm there sometime.

There's no reflector, it looks like this but is a T5.
The 2 tube 24" is roughly 2"x2"x24". 1 tube a little thinner, being one tube.

I don't know what bulb it is. 24" is 14watts per bulb.

They're new stock, so probably going to take awhile to have bulbs in. You can special order the 24" 14watts from home depot for $6. I don't know what temperature range they are though. Don't know what ballast either.

I was going to retrofit it into my 24" light box, but no regularly available replacement bulbs, the T8 just looked easier. Plus, I get more light for my money. I think there is replacement bulbs for the 36" and 48".

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PostPosted: 2009.02.22(Sun)11:53    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great find. Thanks for the tip. Last couple of times I stopped in at Home Depot near me they weren't carrying T5 yet.
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