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Sick Very Young Black Moore Goldfish with White Spots
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Joined: 24 Aug 2008

PostPosted: 2009.02.20(Fri)0:41    Post subject: Sick Very Young Black Moore Goldfish with White Spots Reply with quote

Hi! Our first fish, Swimmey is doing well. Smile He's in a 30-gallon tank and awaiting his friend. We got his friend this past Monday (16th) and named her Speedie. She's a little one and is only about 3-4" long from head to tail. She is currently in Swimmey's old 10-gallon tank to ensure that she was not sick. (Tank has air pump with stone, a whisper internal filter, new plant, one decoration and a heater that is set at 70-F for temperature consistency because the tank gets up to 73-F when I have the apartment heat on. Levels were checked, with API kit all was good before she arrived.)

The next morning after getting her from store (Tuesday 17th) morning, she was just sitting on the bottom of the tank. I did the unthinkable and tapped on the glass, she moved. (I thought she was dead.) That evening, we noticed that she had some white spots on her body. I suspect that it's Ich. Sad

I read that Furan-2 does help with Ich, as well as many fungus and both gram-negative and positive bacteria. I had some Furan-2 from when Swimmey was sick so I began the treatment (following directions). Tonight (Thur 19th) was her 3rd night of treatment so I did the required 25% water change. (Her final treatment should be tomorrow.) Unfortunately, she's still got white spots all over. She did eat a few flakes and is swimming around and digging in the tank. She hasn't rubbed up against anything to scratch. She does like sitting underneath the filter, perhaps because it's like a hiding place.

I'm glad we quarantined her but would be surprised that we hadn't noticed the white spots before so I think they showed up after her arrival. I bought a fresh plant to put in with her, maybe it had the parasites? Should I remove/discard the plant?

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to treat this? Am I being impatient because I expected to see improvement after 3 days? My son would be so sad if she dies. He had to wait 6-months for his second fish because I needed to get comfortable with taking care of the first one. (You may recall Swimmey was a surprise present...)

Thank you so much for any advice that you can give!

p.s. I did try to take some pics but they didn't turn out so good.
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Joined: 09 Mar 2005
Location: Tulsa, Ok

PostPosted: 2009.02.20(Fri)4:40    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry for all your troubles with speedie. A good example though as to why its always good to have a qt tank.

I wouldn't remove the plant, in fact if possible put some more in there it might make her feel more comfortable. And you will be qt'ing the plants as well. The meds shouldn't hurt the plants and will kill any parasites on the plants using the same meds.

Did you raise the temps on the qt tank per instructions? since the higher temp depletes o2 faster in the water I would add an airstone into the tank.

Hope everything goes well.
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Joined: 24 Aug 2008

PostPosted: 2009.02.20(Fri)8:58    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi! Thanks for your response!

Yes, I am glad we quarantined her and the guy at pet store said it wasn't necessary. (whatever.)

There is an airstone in the tank. She has a few less spots on her this morning. Her tank is currently 76.6 and I'll raise it another degree now. (Have to leave for work so anything higher than 78 will have to wait till this evening.)

What meds do you recommend for the Ich?
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