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yet another coral ID
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Joined: 29 Mar 2007

PostPosted: 2009.01.18(Sun)10:20    Post subject: yet another coral ID Reply with quote

I have this guy in my tank. Hard individual stems that have polyps with green tips. It sends out long tentacles that I assume would sting anything close to it. Some of the stems are starting to fall off ( I think this thing is trying to spread).

I want to ID it so I can post an ad to sell or trade it. I can't keep anything near it as within the first few minutes of placing anything close to it, it starts trying to reach it with the tentacles. The piece is the size of a large grapefruit. I put together a quick video (quality sucks) but hopefully it will be enough to ID it.

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Joined: 04 Dec 2005
Location: Altoona PA

PostPosted: 2009.01.18(Sun)10:44    Post subject: Reply with quote

That would be a Galaxea. They do have mighty tough stinging tentacles. They will kill or mame anything close! Nice specimen though, they are tough to keep for some. Anything over a year is considered successful. They tend to loose tissue between polyps/coralites and then fade if not properly kept and fed. If you are not feeding it, I would suggest cyclpeeze and DT's Phytoplankton regularly as well as DT's Oyster Eggs twice a week.

Here is a link to one for sale on Live Aquaria.
There is always more to buy! Questions? Feel Free.
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