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Marisys 240
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Joined: 09 Jan 2009
Location: Buckley

PostPosted: 2009.01.09(Fri)8:50    Post subject: Marisys 240 Reply with quote

Hi Guys

I`m new on here and new to marine set up`s . we have just got an Aqua one 900 .. with a Marisys 240 .. we have it running now for a few days until we put in some dead coral and cleaners .. the system is not quite at all . we can here the water running in to sump which I expect but there is a drown or buzz from the system it`s self .. going to get it sorted at the weekend I hope it is not the norm with this system .

also the Marisys 240 has different fillters that need replacing , I have read on the net quite a bit and have different info on when they need replacing and the best place to buy them .

we wanted to get a tank because our little boy has been having very bad night terrors and when we said we were going to get a fish tank ! he said " I can`t wait to have a pet Nemo " ! .. why didn`t they make that film about a goldfish . Rolling Eyes

but we are here once arn`t we , so lets enjoy it

Rog Smile
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Joined: 15 May 2006
Location: Okotoks, AB

PostPosted: 2009.01.09(Fri)14:26    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome to the world of marine aquatics. Wink
This book should be your next purchase. Also check out ; tons of great information available there. We'll help you with as many questions as possible, but independent knowledge is your best available resource.

Took me a little while to unravel your post, but I think I've figured everything out.
A lot of sumps tend to be kind of loud; all the tactics I know of for reducing the noise level depend of a DIY plumbing job, though. What kind of noise is the water making, exactly? Just a loud gushing sound, or is there a gurgling component?
I'm not personally familiar with the equipment you've used, but I googled the stats on them and it looks like a pretty decent 'plug and play' system to start out with.

Were you planning on adding some live rock to the tank, or do you want this to be a fish-only system?
What kind of fish (besides clownfish) were you planning on keeping? Make sure you have a prepared stocking list, or a shopkeeper at the local fish store may talk you into purchasing an incompatible fish! Impulse buys can be downright distastrous in marine aquaria.

The contradictions in recommendations for filter media changes are probably linked to what kind of system people are keeping. People who keep corals usually only use filters for mechanical and chemical filtration, and replace media at least once a month. Fish-only systems would keep a biological component (bioballs or ceramic cylinders), replacing carbon once a month.

176l is a decently sized system to start with; if you are diligent with your water changes and careful not to overstock, you can make it work.
Am I obsessed? Wait a minute... don't answer that!
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New Members

Joined: 09 Jan 2009
Location: Buckley

PostPosted: 2009.01.09(Fri)18:18    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Cheers

the problem is not the sound of running water I expext to have the sound of water .. lets face it how do you stop it . Rolling Eyes

the noise I get is a hum or dull buzz

rog Cool
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