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anemone- is this normal?
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Joined: 14 Dec 2008

PostPosted: 2008.12.16(Tue)19:09    Post subject: anemone- is this normal? Reply with quote

I have a pink tip anemone that we just recently got. twice since it has shrunk up to almot nothing and looks as if its dying then poof its back as big as ever. is this normal? the first time it fell in to a hole in the rocks and I eventully moved fearing it was stuck. don't know much about these guys so any advice would be great thanks!
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Joined: 04 Jul 2004

PostPosted: 2008.12.16(Tue)23:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

I wish I could give you better news...
unfortunately, most anemones are very difficult to maintain and quickly waste away in the average marine aquarium. Without the proper setup and research you might be better off returning it to the store. What type of lighting and filtration do you have, and what is your tank history? Please read more of my comments on anemones here:
Keepin' marines happy for 25 years
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Michael L.

Joined: 20 Nov 2005
Location: Nanaimo, B.C, Canada

PostPosted: 2008.12.25(Thu)3:01    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not to undermine FloridaBoy (who is 100% correct), but it is completely normal for an anemone to shrink down to almost nothing when they are touched or when they are eating.

My guess would be that there is something attacking or touching your anemone once in a while that is causing it to curl up. In my tank, it is fairly common to watch a cleaner shrimp try to steal food from my anemone, causing it to shrink down into a tiny ball.

If you could provide more specific information on your setup, it will be easier for us to help you with your anemone.
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