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My Wish List
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Joined: 05 May 2008
Location: Maryland, USA

PostPosted: 2008.11.26(Wed)18:14    Post subject: My Wish List Reply with quote

Hello everyone!
This is a follow up on my previous topic which has seem to have died off.
I have just recently rekindled my idea of keeping a reef system. I found my old list and added a few forgotten parts. Every item will be bought from Doctors Foster and Smith for convience and their wide selection of products. Here is the entire list:

Feel free to + or - from the list. It is not finalized and I could definitly use any suggestions. (If you do + anything, please try and make it from Drs. Foster and for convience. If anyone has had bad experiences with them, please tell me, Thanks!) I will be adding only soft corals so please add coments around that fact. For fish, I was thinking 2 Clowns (Occelaris), a goby, and another fish or small group (cardinals? chromis?).
For Soft Corals, I was wondering if these would be good:

All Help is Appreciated!!!
Thanks in advance!
If you could combine a hamster and a fish....I would buy it.
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Joined: 01 Jan 2005
Location: MN

PostPosted: 2008.12.21(Sun)7:38    Post subject: Reply with quote

As far as equipment goes your list looks fine in my opinion. However may I suggest investing in a refractometer instead of a hydrometer? They are very accurate and easy to use. You can purchase one for around $50.

Soft corals should do fine considering your lighting. PowerCompact Fluorescent lighting with also work for keeping Softies. For water movement a total turnover rate of around 20x is best. I prefer having multiple powerheads, creates flow coming from different directions.

Considering the tank size I would keep it to around 3 small fish. A pair of Ocellaris or Percula Clownfish along with a small Goby would work well. A group of Chromis or Cardinals would require a much larger tank. A single Cardinal(Kaudern's, Palama, etc.) can be kept. There pretty hardy and once comfortable with its environment will be out in plain sight most of the time.

Good luck. Smile
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2.5 gallon saltwater tank
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